Writing While Waiting
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…one and all to JayABee’s Home Page.  Come on in y’all, slip off your shoes. Get comfortable.   Feel how the carpet soft as you sink your toes in?  It nice, eh?  Let’s cozy up together, warm up by the fireside, and sip some hot chocolate.  The weather outside is not as brutal as it was earlier in the season, but it’s still cold enough to make you want to snuggle.  So, let’s stay right here where the temperature is just right. 

When you’re good and ready, you can look around, get familiar with your surroundings.  The sanctuary is right next door – that’s where I go to refresh myself with the Word of God.   It’s so important to feed our Spirit so we can grow in knowledge, wisdom and truth.  God’s Word will tell you all manner of things about life and love; His love in particular, but more than that, it will transform you.  It has the power to touch you at the core, and to change you from the inside out, if you let it. 

Just around the corner from the sanctuary is the lounge where the mic is always open.  Let me tell you something, at the end of the day when I feel like someone just spewed me out of a whirlwind, I just love to sit and read the poems of the day.  Before you know it, I am rejuvenated.  There’s nothing more energizing than wholesome lyrics, and the knowledge that God is watching over me.  To top it off, music and songs will soon be added to really lift your spirit and put you on another plane.   There are also photographs that you may feast your eyes on.   It’s a beautiful space; I know you’ll enjoy it.

And, don’t forget to visit the gift shop (Creations).   It’s the last room before you exit.   “The Island Girl Speaks … At Last”, you know about my book, right?  It’s on sale and so are a few novelty items.   I really would appreciate your support, and I know that it will be an inspiration to you and others you know. 

Anyway, in the meantime, just stretch out your feet in front of the fireplace.  Drink your hot chocolate and relax yourself.  I am in no rush for you to leave.  In fact, I think I’m going to take a little snooze now myself.  Take your time and see what we’re all about (Mission).  Just give me a nudge when you’re ready, and we can do the tour together, if you like.

Again, welcome!  I do appreciate you stopping by.  Right now, my home is your home!

mission (4).png