Writing While Waiting


Look! Listen! Feel! The mic is always open... feed your soul!

Which Way Are You Going?

Girl Jesus Saves.jpg

Life is a journey

That takes us here and there

As we go, we’re learning

Our destination’s not always clear.


Yet some of us believe

By ourselves we can make it

And so we refuse to receive

Our Savior’s take on it.


Then, invariably we find

When we go our own way

That we’re prone to fall behind

 Even miss what God has to say.


Is it not better

His perfect will to heed

Humbling ourselves before the Master

And follow His divine lead?


The clock is ticking

Time is drawing near

Yet against the goads we’re kicking

And Jesus is almost here!


Where are you going?

Who are you expecting to see?

Make sure another’s cajoling

Isn’t killing your testimony.


Stop wasting precious time

Wondering and wandering away

Your salvation may be on the line

If your pride causes you to delay.


Fall now at the Master’s feet

Humble yourself, I say

For the race you must complete

So, stop now, and ask Him the way!

Janet Bennett