Writing While Waiting


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Live Now

keep moving forward.jpg

I remember the days when

Life was pretty amazing

When nothing held me back

I was blazing the trail on my very own track.


There I was every day, every night

Flying oh so high

Always capturing the limelight

Even though I didn’t even try.


Blissfully, sailing along I went

The wind at my back

Every day, happily spent

Without thought of a day in lack.


Then something unexpected happened

From out of nowhere it came

As devastating as a Cat 5 hurricane

It knocked me off my game!


No more abundance or overflow

No more favors came my way.

All prospects were bruising my ego

And my only dream was my past on replay.


Every day I kept remembering

The success I had back then

But more and more it became elusive

And misfortune became my closest friend.


Oh, I remember how it was

When many fell at my feet

My life was such a buzz

Yes, it always felt so sweet.


Now those days are just a memory

I wish I could get them back

But wait … it just occurred to me

I cannot go forward by looking back!

Janet Bennett