Writing While Waiting


Look! Listen! Feel! The mic is always open... feed your soul!



Last night I had a weird kinda dream

Not one of those with a scary theme

Or where faces change from scene to scene.


No!  This dream was different, ‘twas not the same

As the ones I’ve had time and time again.


I was not falling from buildings high in the sky

While making the discovery that I couldn’t fly.


I was not on one of my journeys afar

Then find that my feet were too short for my car.


My dream did not have me striking a pose

Only to find that I’d forgotten my clothes!


In my dream I was jumping and prancing

Giving praise to God, my worship enhancing!


I knew I was dreaming ‘cause I felt no pain

My back, knees and feet were right as rain!


So, what made this dream so different you ask

In this dream I’d taken on a brand new task

This time, my dears, I knew how to dance!!!

Janet Bennett