Writing While Waiting


Look! Listen! Feel! The mic is always open... feed your soul!

The Rescue


I was driving to work on I20 West

And as usual the traffic was an unruly mess -

Here’s where you must past your daily traffic test!


So I did get through with flying colors.

Mastering the course of bumper dodgers,

I got to the place where the open road beckons.


 “The road is yours, come on my friend

You’re no longer bound by the traffic blend

Let yourself go – you’re alive again!”


Needing not a second invitation

Already charged with pent-up frustration

The car leapt forward as if in confirmation!


Enjoying the freedom of the open road

I was not above other motorists to goad

Especially since I had no passengers or load.


Then out of the corner of my right eye

There I saw a flicker; something’s awry

But turning my head revealed nothing yet nigh.


Still, out of nowhere came this flashing light

Casting a hue that was menacingly bright

And playing havoc with my euphoric delight.


“Pull over ma’am, pull to the right!”

Came the blaring sound of the policeman’s might.

It confirmed to me that I was in a plight!


“Help me Lord, please help me now!”

I said these words, but I didn’t know how

Since this policeman was wearing a harrowing scowl.


He was angry, there was no doubt.

His eyes screamed even before he opened his mouth.

I had no words, though I wanted to shout:

“I’m so sorry, I know what I did

Is there any room for you to forgive?”

But these words in my throat were hid.




He scolded me about my foolish decision

To drive above the speed restriction

But, funny, he spoke without condemnation.


What he said next, left me undone

He said, “All I wanted was for you to slow down.

You were reckless!” He said out of frustration.


Before he turned to walk away

He said, “Ma’am, don’t ever do this again.

You go ahead, and have a nice day!”




Traveling to and fro, I observe

The place where he pulled me to the curb.


Knowing that were it not for God’s Mercy

The police may not have even seen me.

Perhaps not until he was called to the scene

To fish my body from a waiting ravine.


So many times I fail to see

The Hand of God that shields and guides me

But I give Him thanks everyday

For this policeman that He sent my way.


And to him who was obedient

To be used as God’s willing servant

I ask the Lord to bless him much

And to give his family a special touch.


May this be a lesson to you and me

That the police officer is not our enemy

Many of them are Heaven sent

To protect us when we are on a destructive descent.


The other lesson that we should learn:

We need not race for man’s praise to earn.

So, take your time, slow down; enjoy the scenery

Our eternal rewards await us in Glory!

Janet Bennett