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The First Children

Photo Source: NewYorker.com  Illustration by Brian Stauffer

Photo Source: NewYorker.com

Illustration by Brian Stauffer

Cain was the firstborn

Abel came later.

Cain was forlorn

Because Abel was greater.


Abel was blessed

Because his heart was pure.

He gave his best;

God requires no more.


Cain’s offering was despised

For he gave not from his heart.

God was not at all surprised

That Cain’s offering fell short.


Yet instead of making it right

Cain chose to worsen his plight.

He slew his only brother;

The evidence to smother!


But God heard the cry of Abel’s blood

Wailing from the grave.

And though Cain knew his name was mud

He tried not his name to save.


When God turned him loose from the garden

Cain could no longer show his face.

Cursed! His life an unbearable burden

Living as a fugitive in shame and disgrace.


So, one was slain and the other his slayer.

That’s the First Children’s shocking fame.

Adam and Eve must’ve felt like a failure

Ah yes!  They are the ones to blame.

Janet Bennett