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Standing in His Strength


You think you’re strong

But what if you’re wrong?

You think you can withstand all of life’s stuff

But what if you’re really not that tough?

Do you have the ability to endure

When folks smile at you, but their heart’s not pure?

When friends don’t always treat you like they should

Can you take the bad with the good?

Can you resist the attack

From the ones you unwittingly attract?

Those your naked eyes can’t see

Yet they’re always in your company

They consort with you as companion

But they’re hidden in a different dimension!


Let me share this truth with you

God is my strength and my power too!

He walks with me through the valley of the shadow of death

And He has not failed one battle yet!

Listen me, and listen well

What I know is what I tell

Even though Jesus is my Savior

The devil has not signed a waiver!

In fact, the target on my back is bigger

And he aims at it with much vigor!


But my God has won the victory

He hides me behind the cross of Calvary!


So, you think you’re strong

What if you’re wrong?

I suggest you surrender your will

To the One who loves you still.

Let Him be your refuge and strong tower

A very present help in times of danger.

Why face life’s challenges alone?

When He’s so willing to make your battles His own!

JayABee - WritingWhileWaiting

Janet Bennett